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Workplace Massage

Onsite massage can can help improve team morale and productivity, reduce absenteeism, reduce team pressure, stress and anxiety.

Workplace treatments

Our massage treatments are indispensable for screen-tied office workers, employees who may be under extreme pressure or constantly on the go. Many jobs may involve spending long hours at the wheel or standing throughout the day and massage at work can supply a really important method for keeping your team going.

Treatments are delivered over clothing, using no oil and on a portable massage chair. 

To ensure minimal disruption, massages range from just 10 to 25 minute treatments.

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Seated Acupressure

Seated Acupressure


This is the most effective and convenient way to deliver workplace massage.

It provides a deep massage of the back, neck, shoulders, head, arms and hands, unblocking tension and leaving employees feeling refreshed and invigorated all in the time of a coffee break.

Benefits to the employer

If you and your employees are working long hours, you’re going to need a break at some point. People under pressure can often feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to focus and be efficient. Onsite massage therefore is an ideal solution because it works on both the physical level by giving the body a good stretch and on the physiological level by giving the brain a break. It also helps lift the spirits and increases an individual’s capacity to focus and work more effectively.


The Corporate Massage Compnay,benefits of workplace massage Ulverston, corporate massage Ulverston, Barrow in Furness
Employer Benefits
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The Corporate Massage Compnay, Employee benefits of workplace massage in Ulverston & Barrow in Furness
Employee Benefits 

Our service benefits employees by:

• Helping them feel appreciated and as a result help increase productivity

• Helping them refocus, bringing a clear head without the fear of interruptions

• Helping them keep on top of aches and pains caused by poor posture

• Boosting their natural energy levels

• Creating a real ‘buzz’ and a ‘feel-good’ atmosphere.

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