Holistic Treatments for Individuals

Director of CMC Marie-Claire Dalmar also runs clinics in the various therapies below at Touchworks Holistic Therapies Ulverston, Cumbria. For more information and easy online booking of treatments visit :- www.touchworks.org.uk

Touchworks Holistic Therapies Ulverston

Kinesiology & Food Sensitivity Testing

Find the root cause of health problems using the scientific tool of muscle testing to biochemically tap into your body's own innate healing process. During the session we look at the underlying causes of symptoms whether nutritional, chemical, emotional or physical.   Food sensitivity testing and nutritional supplements may also be recommended.

Up to 120 mins (First Appt)   £55
Up to 90 mins (Follow Up)    £45

Bowen Technique

A gentle, non-invasive remedial therapy that encourages realignment of the body. A series of gentle moves empower the body’s own healing resources to achieve balance and harmony. The first treatment includes a full consultation and case history and a course of 3 follow up sessions is recommended. Safe for all age groups and during pregnancy.

70 mins (First Appt)      £45
45 mins (Follow Up)      £35
Course of 3 Follow Ups  £95


Our health is reflected in our feet. Our organs, nerves and glands are connected with certain reflex areas on our feet. Reflexology is a safe and simple process which promotes better health by reducing stress and tension, strengthening the immune system, flushing out toxins and improving circulation. Achieve a sense of equilibrium with this very soothing and grounding foot treatment.

60 mins     £35

Indian Head Massage

Warm oil is used to massage the upper back, shoulders, neck, face and scalp.  This incredibly relaxing treatment provides relief from tension, helps to improve concentration and also promotes healthy hair and regrowth.  Excellent for anyone who suffers from insomnia, eyestrain, facial tension and headaches.

30 mins     £25

Acupressure Back Massage

Based on Japanese Shiatsu, this no oil massage works along the meridians of the back, neck, shoulders, scalp, armsand hands. An excellent treatment for those on the go who need instant revitalising and balancing. This treatment will leave you feeling re-energised giving you clarity and vitality to face the rest of your day.

30 mins     £25

Reiki and Chakra Balance

Using Reiki natural healing, this treatment aims to restore balance in the entire chakra energy system. This gentle yet powerful treatment will help clear energy blockages that may be causing imbalance and dis-ease; it will leave you feeling grounded and restored.

60 mins     £35

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